#Lowogan Kerja April 2012 : Lowongan Migas di MedcoEnergi

Will you join the energy company of choice?
In the Last two decades, MedcoEnergi has successfully grown the exploration and production business and consistently added to and replaced reserves. We have extended our business to five countries from Indonesia to Oman, Libya, Yemen, and USA. These operations including exploration, major projects and development, production of crude oil, natural gas, LNG, and other renewable energy.
We are now seeking for qualified individuals for national and international assignment of our major projects I development and operation.
General Requirements:
• Minimum bachelor (S1) degree in Engineering? Law degree for Legal Counsel
• Experience in Oil & Gas major projects / development with value of >US$ 300 Million
• Fluent in written and spoken English. good interpersonal and analytical skills, good negotiation skills, excellent computer skill.
• All positions are ready for overseas assignment
• For managerial positions candidates with overseas exposure are prefered
• Good leadership, technical and managerial skills (For managerial positions)
1. General Managers/Senior Project Manager
2. Project Appraisal Senior Manager
Qualifications & Requirements:
Minimum 20 years in Oil & Gas industry, 10 years in major development and operations.
3. HSE Manager
4. Drilling Manager
5. Engineering Manager
6. Project Construction Manager
7. Protect Service & Procurement Manager
8. Project Commissioning Manager
Qualifications & Requirements:
Minimum 15 years in Oil & Gas industry, 10 years in related position
9. Senior Drilling Engineer
10. Senior Project Engineer
Qualifications & Requirements:
Minimum 15 years in Oil & Gas industry, 10 years in related position
Suitable candidate should submit an application letter together with comprehensive curriculum vitae to:
Human Capital Directorate
Email to: recruitment@medcoenergi.com
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Closing date April 30, 2012
For more information and other vacancies please
Visit http://www.medcoenergi.com /career.asp



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