BP is one of the largest foreign investors, stash flyer of around US$7 billion to date. Every BP mainstream field is represented from strenuous ( Tangguh LNG and VICO ) to downstream ( Castrol ) and petrochemicals ( PT AMI ). BP is currently expanding its operation and this provides detailed opportunities for senior Indonesian professionals to add and return prompt rule expanding Tangguh expansion project, exploration activities influence Papua and our Jet Medium Methane ( CBM ) projects weight Kalimantan. Our bag is the exploration, production, adaption, trading and organization of energy.
This is what we halt, and we end original on a totally prevalent scale. Secrete a workforce of 80, 000 employees, BP operates not tell function activities and customers string extended than 80 countries across six continents. Every day, we serve millions of customers around the world. We are continually looking for talented, committed and ambitious people to help us shape the face of energy for the future.

Data Management Analyst (DMA)

Role Synopsis

  • Data Management Analyst is responsible for ensuring data service requirements are met, providing the technical leadership, guidance, support, and be able to deliver data management projects.

Key Accountabilities

  • Ensuring data service requirements are met, to agree SLAs by the IT&S Data Management Support team
  • Report to the IT&S Data Manager
  • Provide technical leadership, guidance, and support in one or more areas for data management support activities
  • Deliver data management projects for various technical functions across upstream business

Essential Education

  • At minimum bachelor degree in an upstream function such as geoscience or engineering or equivalent upstream industry experience

Essential Experience and Job Requirements

  • 5+ years experience performing technical data management in one of the following Upstream data domains (i.e. subsurface, wells, production, engineering); loading, exporting, transforming of data to and from Upstream master and project database(s).
  • Strong knowledge of data types and data uses in one of the aforementioned Upstream data domains.
  • Experience with data loading and exporting, and the analysis of data problems and quality issues
  • Good understanding of Upstream data, work flow processes and DM standards
  • Competency in Unix/Linux/Windows administration and shell scripting
  • A good understanding of the concepts of application system/architecture and application integration
  • Able to read and interpret data models of widely used Upstream industry master and project databases (e.g. Openwork)
  • Familiar with the use of geographic coordinate reference system and Upstream data domain specific standards and transformation concepts
  • Effective communication and writing skills necessary to effectively supervise, motivate, teach, and lead technical discussions and information sessions
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated with attention to detail
  • Strong Bahasa Indonesia and English communication skill
  • Ability to work independently while interacting with a global team of data professionals from a variety of backgrounds

Desirable Criteria & Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of document and record management
  • Basic knowledge and skills on ITSM (Change and Service Management)
  • In-depth understanding of databases: Oracle, SQL Server, creating and configuring databases
  • Extensive experience with SQL Plus and PL SQL programming
  • Experience in integrating data across Operating Systems: Unix, Linux and Windows
  • Knowledgeable of multiple Upstream data domains
  • Experience in delivering projects with adherence to Project Management methodology (e.g. methodology from PMI)

Closing date: 20 Mei 2012

Wells Intervention Engineer (WIE)



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