Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics, Department of Korean Language & Literature, Department of International & Area Studies, Department of International Trade and Logistics, Department of Law, Department of History, Department of Mass Communication, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Department of Resource Economics, Department Political Science and Diplomacy , Department of Marine Business and Economics, Department of Public Administration

Natural Sciences
Department of Physics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Fisher Physics, Department of Fisheries Biology, Department of Food and Life Science, Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Department of Fisheries & Marine Human Resources Development, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Oceanography, Department of Marine Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Environmental Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Environmental Geosciences, Department of Statistics

Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Design Engineering, Department of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineering , Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Department of ImageSystem Science & Engineering, Department of Biotechnology and Bioengineering,Department of Manufacturing Automation Engineering, Department of Ecological Engineering , Department of System Management and Engineering, Department of Materials Processing Engineering, Department of Food Science and Technology, Department of Safety Engineering, Department of Energy System Engineering, Department of Satellite Information Science, Department of Graphic Arts Engineering, Department of Material Science and Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department Information Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Department of Control and Mechanical Engineering, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Systems Engineering, Division of Clean Chemical Engineering (Major of Chemical Engineering), Division of Clean Chemical Engineering (Major of industrial Chemistry), Division of Clean Chemical Engineering (Major of Polymer Engineering), Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Ocean Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Environmental Exploration Engineering

Interdisciplinary Program
Interdisciplinary Program of Construction Engineering & Management, Interdisciplinary Program of Mechatronics Engineering, Interdisciplinary Program of Acoustics and Vibration Engineering, Interdisciplinary Program of Information Security, Interdisciplinary Program of Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Program of Shipbuilding Systems Management Engineering, Interdisciplinary Program of Ocean Industrial Engineering, International Program of Fisheries Sciences, International Program of Mechanical Engineering, International Program of Advanced Information Science and Technology, International Program of Electrical and Control Engineering

Admission Schedule

  1. Application Deadline: 30 Jan (Mon) ~ 13 Apr. (Fri), 2012
  2. Announcement of Admitted Applicants: 30 Apr. 2012 (Mon)
  3. Entry Dates: 27 ~ 29 Aug, 2012 (Mon~Wed)
  4. Intensive Korean Language Program (at Pukyong National University): 3 Sep, 2012 (Thu)

Eligibility for Application

  1. Foreign citizenship holder or person whose parents are foreigners
  2. Applicants aged below 40 as of 1 Sep, 2012 (Born after 1 Sep, 1972)
  3. Applicants who achieve (or expected) B.A degree or M.A degree as of 31 Aug, 2012 * Applicants who has no experience studying in Graduate School in Korea (except Korean language center)
  4. Previous school GPA overall B or above (3.0/4.0), or 80% out of 100%
  5. Giving priority for students from partner universities or descendants of Korean War veteran(Proof documents required) in case of tie

Programs for International Students

International Students Field Trip

  • Introduction: An Event visiting a historical and traditional place near Busan to let international students and foreign professors(including a lecturer) experience Korean culture through outdoor activities and to provide chances to meet and associate between international students and korean students.
  • Activities: Visiting historical places, Experiencing Cultural programs and participating festival, etc.
  • Schedule: once a semester (April, October)

International Day

  • Introduction: Event to help for international students to adjust their life in Korea and to solve the difficulties of international students so that students will be able to focus on their studies
  • Activities: Receiving and solving all kinds of questions about campus life and academic problems
  • Schedule: more than once a semester

Korean Speech Contest

  • Introduction: Korean speech contest held once a year for international students to improve Korean ability
  • Activities: Presenting experiences or their impressions while they are studying in Korea
  • Schedule: In May

Korean Correction Service

  • Introduction: Providing correction service of documentations that international students write in Korean
  • Activities: Correction service of reports or essays that international students write in Korean
  • Schedule: During office hour (09:00~18:00 except lunch time) * Reservation is required


  1. Graduate School
  1. Student Housing

Pukyong National University
Address: 599-1 Daeyeon 3-Dong, Nam-Gu, BUSAN KOREA

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students




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