SMDP is a fast-track program offering rapid career advancement for ambitious and talented person. Upon succesful completion of the management devolpment program combining theoretical sessions in classroom,job placement in bussiness units, on-board experience and port visits, the program graduates will be assigned to a key-level position within SAMUDERA INDONESIA Group subject to individual performance thoughout the program.

Minimum S1 of any disciplinefrom a reputable university;
• Minimum GPA of 3.00;
• Age of maximum 27 years old;
• Fluency in oral and written English:
• Excellent analytical, problem solving
and communication skills;
• Demonstrate a strong drive for success
and quality leadership potential

  • Willing to be posted in any region in Indonesia

or overseas.

Pendaftaran paling lambat tanggal 5 April 2012 di Bagian Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa BAK UNDIP Tembalang

Psikotest tanggal 16 April 2012 di Kampus Undip ( bagi yang lolos seleksi administrasi)

FGD dan Wawancara tanggal 17 April 2012 di Kampus Undip (bagi lolos Psikotest)



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